November 16, 2010

Aloha! • Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

So I made it to the end of another fabulous wedding season and what better time to run off and catch some rays on the beautiful island of Hawaii. OK, I’d be lying if I said this was strictly a relax and rejuvenate vacation, I am here for MTH2010, which I am thrilled about! Today however, I decided to explore this beautiful island with a zipline adventure and a drive around the island. The drive around the island was not intentional. but needless to say, it happened and along the way I had to stop and snap photos of the amazing and unique sites. I’m glad there wasn’t another person in the car, I’m pretty sure they would have been ready to call it a day after 20 minutes 🙂

I found it quite funny that while driving along the coast you could look out to your right and there you would see perfect postcard views of the ocean. Look over to your left, and you would swear you were thrown into an entirely different country! Then I came across these mailboxes. Random mailboxes in the middle of a completely house deserted area, free of any human in site. Because of their randomness they are getting a spot on the blog today. Enjoy.



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