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Featured Senior: Daylin, Class of 2018

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel beautiful. With this in mind, Catherine Rhodes Photography has set about creating a truly unique boudoir experience for each and every client. With her Boudoir Studios in Columbia and St. Louis, Catherine is fully prepared to capture your unique beauty and preserve it in a collection of stunning portraits. Our studios are white-washed and saturated with natural light, giving us the ability to discover the real you and capture her for the world to see. After you book your Boudoir session, we'll be in touch discussing outfits and how to prepare for your session! The day of, we’ll toast a glass of champagne (or your drink of choice) and discuss everything that's to unfold during your Boudoir session. With a plan in place, we treat you to  hair and makeup services—hello, glam!—and launch into an hour-and-a-half boudoir photography session. And to top it all off, you're welcome to use any of our beautiful robes in studio! 

During the shoot, we love creating a comfortable safe space while guiding you through each pose. This supportive workflow will ensure that you can feel comfortable and confident throughout the session—leading to images that we hope will help you see how truly beautiful you are. Whether your session is a personal treat or a gift for someone close, we are here to give you an unforgettable boudoir experience. Our goal is to have you walking away from our studio with a deeper sense of self confidence and a lasting acknowledgement of your inner beauty. Our Boudoir Photography is simply a representation of you, the amazing beautiful woman you truly are!

Our Boudoir Studios are located in both St. Louis Missouri and Columbia Missouri. 

Embrace your beauty and experience the Boudoir Experience with Catherine Rhodes Photography 

The Boudoir Experience

Interested in Booking Your Boudoir Experience?

CONTACT US BELOW to learn more about our Collections and how to book!

Where is your studio located?

We have TWO studio spaces in Missouri! Our first is located in Downtown Columbia Missouri while our Second is location in St. Louis Missouri! Our Missouri Boudoir Studios are open to women throughout the US as well, we are happy to accommodate your travel schedule! We love bringing bright and romantic Boudoir to Missouri!

How many outfit changes?

You'll have the opportunity to change outfits at least THREE times during your Boudoir Experience!

What should I expect to invest during my
Preview session?

We have various pricing available for Heirloom items! Our most popular collection begins at 2250.00 while Prints and Digital Images begin at 150.00 per image.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES YES YES we offer Pre and Post Payment plans, interest free! 

Do you edit fine art prints? Digital images?

Absolutely! We offer professional retouching on all purchased images/albums/prints! We also offer editing requests from fly aways to a little nip or tuck here and there! 

I'm so excited to book my Boudoir Experience! What's next?

Wonderful! Just email us at or simply CLICK HERE to book your session!