December 1, 2013

Five Days Of Christmas Giveaways • Central Missouri Based Destination Wedding Photographer

It’s that time of the year again, when we break out the Christmas trees, drink some eggnog and sing those favorite Christmas carols we all have grown to love! In the spirit of the holidays and something my Parents have celebrated with me over the past 20 something years, St. Nicks Day this coming weekend, this week we are celebrating FIVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS!

Did I sound like Oprah there….good.

So for the fun part, over the next five days, there will be giveaways, and these giveaways are some of my absolute favorite things, so no stingy gifts here! Check back each day to enter here on the blog or over on Facebook and the winner for each and every item will be announced here on the blog come Monday December 9th!

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