December 23, 2010

Flowers • Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

Between Christmas orders and traveling I haven’t had much room to think of anything else and it has left me in a weird funk. One that does not include cheery Christmas songs sung by Frank Sinatra or the want to wrap presents until all hours of the night. This is quite unusual considering I am usually one of “those people” that’s first to put up the tree and blast the tunes as soon as Thanksgiving passes. Honestly I think this year has just passed by in such a hurry it’s hard to believe that Christmas has already arrived. I happened to be going through my photos this evening from Maui trying to find some inspiration to keep my motivated during the hectic season, and came across this photo. Flowers, you can find them pretty much anywhere on that island, and here well here I try to keep my house stocked as often as possible. For some reason flowers always seem to brighten my day, no matter what may be going on. Now maybe I can get to wrapping those presents!



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