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October 14, 2010

Katie and Justin : The Wedding • Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

A perfect picnic wedding couldn’t describe Katie and Justin’s wedding any better! I did not have the pleasure of meeting this amazing couple until the day of their wedding but through numerous phone calls and emails, I knew it was going to be a fantastic day! Their wedding was held at Alpine Park and Gardens, a warm hidden venue with nestled gardens in the woods everywhere you turned. The ceremony took place in the late afternoon with family and friends joined around. Their was a beautiful moment with a wine bottle, letters, and a wooden box with their initials carved in the side. They put these letters inside and if ever one day they run upon hard times they are to open the box, drink a glass of wine and read the letters they wrote on their wedding day. Yes, as you can imagine, there were many tears of happiness during this, myself included.

After the ceremony the couple went back to their reception area where they had picnic baskets set up for everyone along with blankets so each and every guest could experience their own picnic in the park that day. The night went on from a surprise firework show that lit up the sky to a bonfire that warmed those who needed a moment away from the good times on the dance floor. The day from beginning to end was wonderful and Katie and Justin are just perfect for each other. Congratulations to the both of you and I hope the only reason you ever need to open that box is out of pure curiosity as to what the other one wrote in the love letter!

This is the beautiful ring box they used during the ceremony!

Katie, Trischa and I both agreed, your smile just lights up a room!

Big thanks to My Secret Garden for providing the lovely flower arrangements!

If you can believe it, Katie’s Grandmother baked personal pies of ALL flavors for the guests in place of a traditional cake!

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