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April 19, 2012

National Geographic and Saying Yes • Central Missouri Based Destination Wedding Photographer

Before 2010, I have no doubt in my mind that if an opportunity like this would have presented itself I would have looked at it, made up a hundred excuses out of fear, and let something amazing pass on by. Well luckily National Geographic Channel’s Amish Out of Order Series contacted me last year to be a part of an episode based on fashion, photography, and culture differences between the Amish and the English and since I was in the mode of saying yes to new opportunities, I jumped on it in two minutes!

The day of the shoot I found myself in front of a camera, and not just a single camera, a whole crew ready to film everything I said, mistakes included! Growing up in a smaller town, I fell in love with theater and acted from grade school on up, but that was about the extent of my “on stage” abilities! So with no cue cards and simply memorizing on the spot, I did the best I could possibly do! Six hours and a mini shoot later we had our part to the episode filmed. Although I think I enjoy being behind the camera a bit more than being in front of the camera, I had such an amazing time on set!

Photo by Jacob Abraham

Amish Out of Order : Culture Clash will be airing next Tuesday at 10pm EST on the National Geographic Channel! Although I’m excited to watch the complete episode and see how it all came together, the thought of seeing myself on TV is just a tad bit scary! But since I’m trying to stick with a Yes attitude I guess I’ll be watching myself along with the rest of the episode next Tuesday, whether I look silly or not! A big thank you goes out to the entire crew that filmed that day, their patience and kind attitudes were just beyond appreciated!

And finally, if an opportunity presents itself no matter how big or small, just go for it. Say yes, and just see where life takes you, it might surprise you every once and a while!

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  1. We’re totally watching this!! Congrats Catherine!!

  2. Catherine! This is amazing. I’m so happy for you. We’ll be watching! 🙂

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