October 23, 2010

Taking a Moment • Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

It’s very rare that I find myself with an entirely free Saturday, I mean not a portrait shoot, wedding, or event on the calendar. OK so there’s a million things I can always be editing or designing away on but I felt that a “free” Saturday was in order. I threw on some jogging clothes and grabbed Floyd and we headed to a different park, Stephen’s Lake Park. I decided to switch it up today since I found myself with a bit of extra time and I’m so glad I did. The Fall colors were just breathtaking and Floyd and I sat by the lake all afternoon taking a moment to enjoy the nice weather before colder temperatures start gracing us with their presence. Of course now I am back in front of my computer working on the million things I needed to do, but our visit to the park today was completely worth it!

Here’s a little something I snapped with my IPhone



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