September 24, 2013

The Difference in Film • Central Missouri Based Fine Art Photography

Every time I get that little email back from Indie Film Lab saying my next batch of Film scans has been processed and is ready to download I feel like a kid on Christmas morning all over again! You might be wondering why. What’s the difference and why wait that long for images you could directly download while using digital formats. Well today I thought I’d share a little insight as to why I personally have a love affair with Film and all it has to offer…

Color. This is probably first and foremost my favorite aspect to film. The color quality of film is absolutely beautiful.

Skin. Not only does skin appear fresh and beautiful in tone, but when it comes to Film you rarely have to retouch a face thanks to the silky smooth texture film produces. And as a time saver, this is huge.

Light. Film has the ability to capture light in a way that digital is just not capable of. This can get a bit technical, but believe me when I say it is the God Father of exposure when you know what you are doing.

Do I have a love affair with Film, Yes. Will I be leaving the Digital realm completely and any time soon, No. I believe there is a time and place for both formats and I tend to stick to them however I am oh so excited to start offering this beautiful new branch to Catherine Rhodes Photography soon soon soon!

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