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February 8, 2011

Travel Tuesdays : Maui • Missouri Wedding Photographer

Because I have such a large place in my heart for long flights, baggage claims, and lengthy car rides…OK so that’s not entirely true, but I do love to travel, probably more than anything else I do aside from photography.  Tuesday’s will now bring about a new kind of post, one that takes you away on a little vacation. Whether you are searching for that perfect destination wedding spot or maybe that romantic honeymoon local, I’ll be featuring a few of my favorite places around the world! And because photography is what I do, there will always be fabulous photos for you to actually picture yourself in 🙂

This Travel Tuesday we are heading to Maui, a place I recently visited and can’t wait to head back! Between the tucked away quite beaches and the exciting adventures that you can partake in, it’s perfect for just about everyone. Although not noted for it’s night life, Maui offers so much to do during the day, that by 8pm you are usually ready to sit back on the beach, enjoy a nice drink, and call it a night.

I traveled pretty much the entire coast of Maui, and it was totally worth it! The scenic views, the waterfalls, and the vast open ocean leave you feeling peaceful and rejuvenated, although I would recommend using a jeep or truck for the rugged terrain. The roads are not as well kept in certain areas along patches of the coast, and you might even find yourself wondering what happened to the pavement here or there. But no worries, it will be back and with it is the beauty of Hana.

So whether you are looking to zip-line all afternoon or spend your days laying around by waterfalls in Hana, you will definitely find yourself relaxed and feeling like yourself again once you experience the beauty of Maui! I know I did 🙂

On the road to Hana, oh how I miss the peace of this drive.

The sunsets here are just breathtaking.

And the flowers, there are flowers everywhere!



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