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February 28, 2012

Travel Tuesdays : A Trip Out West • Central Missouri Based Destination Wedding Photographer

Oh it’s been far too long since I’ve managed a Travel Tuesdays on the blog! This week’s however is quite an amazing one if I do say so myself! Not only did I venture out West to Seattle Washington earlier this month but my travels took me further north to Vancouver BC for my first time into Canada! I’ll start with Vancouver, the first photos posted. The area leading up to Vancouver was just beautiful. Green, calm, and simple; just the way you imagine a coast full of fishing towns in Washington. Heading over the boarder, at first not much was different aside from the currency exchange and colorful money. The first thing I noticed however was their traffic lights. As odd as that sounds, their traffic lights are just quite different and a bit confusing, something you have to see to understand.



Finally we made it into Vancouver, it was fantastic! A city on the coast filled with such diversity and character! For lunch I finally managed to try an odyssey I’ve been wanting to try since I saw Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. The Japa Dog, a gift to all hot dog and sushi lovers alike! The Japa Dog is a hot dog stand that get’s some pretty amazing props in Vancouver, so much so that they opened up one in New York! The hot dogs themselves come in many different flavors and are covered in all sorts of Japanese inspired toppings, delicious!

Another highlight from this beautiful city had to be Stanley Park! A park next to the coast, yes please! This park also included trails, ponds, playgrounds, and even a few salt water pools that are open in the summer, how neat is that! Vancouver was pretty beautiful, if you are looking for a little culture right outside the States, definitely make a visit!



For the second half of the trip, we headed over to Seattle! Seattle is a city that I could easily pick up and move to at this very instant! Between the green green grass and the lush markets, what’s there not to love! Time spent in the city was amazing. Seattle has this bustling feel without feeling too crowded or City-like! And the Market, the Market had to be my favorite part of the entire trip! If every Sunday morning after church I could just take a stroll down to the Public Market and grab everything I need for the week I’d be in heaven. It’s such a lively place filled with everything from dried flowers to infused oils and teas! If you make it to Seattle please make this a number one on your list of things to do!



Post Alley, a well known spot right outside the Public Market! Why so well known, well for gum of course…Yes gum! If you saw the last post I featured, you may have read about some interesting walls in Seattle covered with already chewed Gum. This is quite a statement in downtown Seattle that many tourists come to see, take photos of, and add their own contribution!



To end the trip, a Ferry ride to BaineBridge was in order! This Ferry is so cheap to ride, round trip, and the best part, you can see the entire Seattle Coast Line! Luckily when we decided to climb on board it was the perfect time heading out and back to catch it right before sunset and at night with all the city lights! A must do for anyone looking to get a perfect view of the city!

So those are my highlights from a well needed vacation to the West Coast! I had such a fantastic time and look forward to my next venture out that way!



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