January 18, 2011

Vendor Love : Directors Cut Salon • Missouri Wedding Photographer

With the new year in full swing now, I’ve been trying to come up with new and fun things to do with local and destination wedding vendors. I love nothing more than working with an amazing hairstylist that makes a bride feel like the belle of the ball or a fabulous florist who creates floral masterpieces that make a room shine! So I have decided that a new blog section will be dedicated to those vendors I find outstanding! Not only because I love boasting about some amazing people but because I can only hope that you, the bride, will enjoy learning a bit more about each vendor and find that perfect match for your wedding day!

First, a lovely stylist close to home, Jefferson city Missouri to be exact. Jamie Kennison, from Director’s Cut Salon, has not only been my wonderful stylist for the last 7 years or so of my life but I know she has brought a smile to many brides on their big day! Her salon is just about as unique as her personality with it’s “red carpet feel”!

So Jamie here are a few questions that might help brides out there learn a little more about you and your salon…

First let’s get all the basics, name, location, what DO you do? Well my salon is The Director’s Cut Salon at  629 W. McCarty St. Jefferson City, MO 65109. Find out more information at our WEBSITE. I  am the owner of the salon and I am also a hair stylist.
•  How did you get started and how long have you been a wedding vendor? I started doing hair in 2003 and I got into doing hair because I loved styling hair for weddings/proms, etc. I used to style friends hair for special occasions and thought to myself that one day I would love to have a special occasion business….this is as close as it gets!
What is your favorite part about servicing weddings? I think my favorite part about servicing weddings is that I get to be a small part in making a bride’s special day that much more amazing! There is nothing more satisfactory then when I am finished and the bride looks in the mirror and she just beams from ear to ear because it’s exactly what she wanted. It might sound kind of cheesy, but its a neat feeling knowing that a little piece of me gets to walk down the aisle with every bride. That makes my heart smile!

OK, now for some less drilling questions 🙂
Because this has to be asked in every questioner, favorite color? Looking at my hair, you might think my favorite color is purple! However, as much as I love purple, my favorite color has and always will be kelly green.

And Favorite Hobbies? First of all I consider what I do for a living as a hobby, my favorite one to be exact! But, I also love doing theater. I act, sing, dance and yes, work backstage doing hair and makeup. I have been the lead hairstylist for countless productions for The Little Theater of Jefferson City. I also enjoy reading (in my spare time) and the simple things like hanging out with my kids.

If you can splurge on one thing, what would that be? If I could splurge on one thing, I would have to say its a toss up between shoes and handbags. I have a fetish for both so its hard to choose between them!

Do you have kids? I have 2 children. My daughter, Taylor is 10 and loves to dance! My son, Hayden, is 5 and loves to play video games and fight with his sister!

• And the big one, a good piece of advice for brides to be? Something I always like to tell my brides is to be true to yourself. Whether its the flowers or your hair, you want to be able to look back on that special day and see YOU written all over it. Take a deep breath, smile, and let whatever happens, happen.

OH and I almost forgot about the bonus question, because I love travel and I just assume others must as well 🙂 if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? The one place on my “bucket list” that I just have to go to is New Zealand. I hear it is an absolute paradise! I would love to experience the beauty and culture there.

Thanks so much Jamie for your time and answers! For more information on the Directors Cut Salon and making Jamie your fabulous stylist, visit or call (573) – 761- HAIR



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