August 6, 2012

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Happy Monday!

I thought I’d start this week out with an answer to a question I get asked about almost every week! How much “fixing” do I actually do to the images I photograph. Well this post will pretty much sum up how  post process my images while trying to keep the photo as natural and real as I can!

Sometimes images tend to get a little over Photoshopped in today’s photography world. We see everything from porcelain looking skin to selective color. In this crazy world of Photoshop, I try to use the knowledge I’ve gained over the years in the business to highlight the best features of an image without taking away true pieces of the lovely people in the image itself. My goal on every shoot is to capture that beautiful moment not only as it’s happening but in the right light, with the right lens, and the right exposure. Thanks to a few years of practice I’ve been able to wrap my head around capturing the image and fixing little things in camera or creating the image as it truly is instead of thinking ” OH I can Photoshop that later…”.

Luckily I also work with some beautiful people, inside and out, that make my job a bit easier…

Along with Photoshop and my favorite sidekick Lightroom, I create the images that stand for my brand and really make my clients love their day more and more!

Hope you enjoyed that small behind the scenes look into how I post process your beautiful images, now back to editing I go!

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