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June 21, 2010

Corina and Patrick : The Wedding • Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

I did not think I would be getting these up so soon with a wonderful visit to the oral surgeon this morning, but I guess sleeping during the day just does not seem to work for me, So lucky for you, a new blog post it is!

Corina and Patrick are the wonderful couple I met in Columbia Missouri last year! It was very easy to see that these two were just made for each other and after their wedding day, I think everyone can see that now! The day started off normal, family members running around setting everything up in the beautiful reception tent, Corina and Patrick starting the long process of preparing for the wedding festivities. About an hour before the wedding, a few dark clouds made there way to the wedding site and in a matter of 15 minutes the entire reception tent had fallen and everything inside destroyed. It was just devastating to see. My heart went out to the family and friends that spent the last day and half setting up the fabulous vases with blossoming flowers, table linens, and all topped off with chandeliers in the top of the tent. All of which had been ruined when the tent fell.

I know right now you are thinking this is one of those wedding day nightmares you have the night before, but unfortunately it actually happened. And thanks to the love of the family and friends surrounding Patrick and Corina they held it together, focused on the importance of the day and moved the reception to the Community center in an hours time. It was incredible to see so many people, my awesome second photographer Trischa included, come together to salvage plates, flowers, chairs, all to take down to the community center, to make Corina and Patrick’s day wonderful from there on out.

Congratulations Corina and Patrick, you two are one amazing pair. The strength you showed on your wedding day through all the trials it threw at you just makes my heart melt. I wish you nothing but the best and like they say rain is lucky on your wedding day, right?!


Check out these fabulous floral creations by Sisters Flowers out of Kirkwood Missouri! I mean honestly between these ladies and Sarah’s Cake Shop and Catering Co. Corina and Patrick were set anywhere their wedding reception landed.






Yes yes, Corina, you are just gorgeous. Everyone agrees.




This is such a cute picture of Patrick and Corina dancing the night away taken by Trischa, my fantastic second photographer!




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