July 19, 2013

For the Love of Film • Central Missouri Based Fine Art Film Photographer

“FILM you say? Didn’t that die out about 10 years ago…?”

Happy to say, you are mistaken! Film is still a very loved format for capturing beautiful moments. Just ask a few world renowned (and my personal favorite) wedding photographers, Jose Villa or Elizabeth Messina.  As a photographer myself I started with film, on the old but dependable Canon AE-1. From there, school introduced me to the wonderful world of Medium Format photography and I’ve honestly never found anything I’ve loved more.

So after spending 5 years in the Digital world missing film like an old record you just can’t seem to find at your parents house, I’m jumping back in and creating a new branch to Catherine Rhodes Photography, Fine Art Weddings and Portraits, launching in 2014! As you can imagine Film Photography takes a level of knowledge and patience that you wouldn’t normally need in the Digital world. So over the next few months, I’m dusting off the cobwebs of the Film side of my photographer brain and plan on bringing you shoot after shoot of gorgeous images, filled with amazing color and light that only film can produce.

So stay tuned and enjoy this beautiful styled shoot below! After five years and no light meter, I think we managed to capture some beautiful moments 🙂

Of course a big thank you to my friend and lovely model Caitlin as well as Indie Film Lab for these gorgeous scans, LOVE!

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