July 1, 2009

Old Blog

Ok, after trying to figure out how I was going to put all of my old posts onto the new blog it came to me…why not put the Old Blog link into the menu bar! So now for everyone who would like to see my old blog posts feel free to look above at the menu bar and if you click on “Old Blog” it will take you to all of my old posts.

I’d also like to start sharing a little more about who I am with you in this new blog! So I’d like to start by posting a photo of a little guy that I’m quite fond of. My little pup Floyd is an 8 month old shorkie (that’s a yorkie mixed with a shitzu). He likes to keep me busy when I’m not running around editing photos or meeting with clients. Otherwise he spends his days sitting on my orange chair by the window checking out what’s going on outside.




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