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October 20, 2009

Someone’s Birthday… • Missouri Portrait Photographer

Today I awoke to a little cold nose in my face and whining from a scared little puppy afraid of thunder. Floyd has never been a fan of it and I was quite disappointed when I realized that there was going to be no afternoon walk for Floyd on his first birthday. But I did have a big surprise for him and something that I’m sure topped his day, more than a little walk could do. A plate full of treats thanks to the people down at Treats Unleashed. They have the most unique dog treats I have ever seen and when I knew Floyd’s birthday was right around the corner I had to go pick up a few.

So as soon as we made it downstairs and I was able to snap a few photos of the treats themselves ( I am a photographer) Floyd dug in to his birthday surprise. Ok so maybe I spoil him a bit with 3 different choices in dog treats, but with a face like that how could you not!






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