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February 15, 2011

Travel Tuesdays : Colorado • Missouri Wedding Photographer

Let me start by stating that I love Colorado. Everything about this place makes me happy, the mountains, the fresh air, the hot sulfur springs spa, yes everything. My family and I have been going out to Colorado about once a year since I was a little girl, we have family friends in Golden but we usually try and stay on the other side of the mountain at a lodge, not because we ski, I have actually never been skiing, but because we just really like the area. Believe it or not there are many other things you can do in Colorado that do not involve 10 degree temperatures and white fluffy snow.

My Dad and I have always been fans of Cattle drives where you actually get to go out on a 3-4 hour adventure moving cattle around Colorado hill sides. It’s actually a blast especially if you need a step up from the normal trail ride with horses walking one behind the other. Then there’s the Hot Sulfur Springs Spa, my Mother and I’s heaven on earth. Tucked away on a little hill side with natural springs, sits this amazing spa. After you get over the slight sulfur smell, trust me you will eventually forget about it, you will completely enjoy and relax in this little oasis out in the middle of the mountains!

So on a level of 1-10 on the relaxation scale, Colorado sits at a good 11. I’m sure I’ll throw up another post about a specific town or city I love there, but for now, in general, Colorado is amazing and I thought I would share 🙂

P.s. For some reason when I find myself relaxing I tend to only drag my cheap little camera around with me. Excuse the low resolution of a few of the images I post in these travel highlights.

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