February 22, 2013

Vendor Love : Tartelette Bakery • Central Missouri Based Destination Wedding Photographer

So excited to be introducing Tartelette Bakery here on the blog via a new Vendor Love feature! These beautiful cakes and sweets are just as tasty as they look, trust me, I had plenty of samples to take home after our time spent at Wedding Avenues! So feel free to indulge in some lovely cakes and find out a little more about the wonderful artist creating these pieces for your day!

• First let’s get all the basics, name, location, what DO you do?

Kathleen Gardner, Tartelette Bakery, Columbia Missouri, Website Here

I (Kathleen)  always enjoyed baking growing up. In 2009 I started working at the front counter of a great bakery in Kansas City: Dolce Baking Company. The owner was kind enough to give me a chance working in the kitchen and I eventually began working in the back full time. It was an amazing learning experience and the greatest job I’d had until now. A couple years later (after a failed attempt to move to South Korea to teach English) we ended up back in Columbia with my parents. I started “stress baking” for all my mom’s friends and soon, people started ordering. Last March a friend of mine gave me the chance to make her wedding cake. I was pretty nervous to make one all by myself, but I ended up really loving it! So…all that to say, I have been baking professionally for about 4 years, but on my own for about one and a half years!

• What is your favorite part about servicing weddings?

My favorite part about servicing weddings…I love how much creativity is put into weddings, and seeing it translated into a cake. I was never good at art in school, so discovering that I could make beautiful cakes has been an amazing discovery.  It is so fun for me to work with brides on creating their vision for a cake.

• Let’s find out a little more about the artist behind these beautiful cakes, favorite things to do in your off time, go!

Spending time with my husband, snuggling my 3 puppies (Molecules, Juice Box & Senor Cupcake), watching BBC shows with my sisters. (Downton Abbey, what were you thinking??!)

• So you’re married, tell us a bit about your husband and how your I DO’s unfolded!

My husband and I were only engaged for 10 weeks! Everyone thought I was pregnant, but we just really couldn’t wait to be married! So cheesy, but true.

• Big question, one good piece of advice for brides to be when planning a wedding?

Just relax and enjoy your big day. You aren’t there to impress anyone, you are there to commit the rest of your life to the person you love more than anyone else. It goes by so fast and you won’t remember a lot of it (why you need a good photographer!), so don’t waste any time being stressed out.

• Last but certainly not least, if you could travel to one place in the world, where would you go and why?

My husband and I really want to visit India someday. I love love love Indian food and all the pictures seem so colorful and rich in culture. Honestly though, I want to go everywhere. I love traveling and seeing new cultures and trying new food. I love eating.

Thank you so much Kathleen for not only answering a few questions today but providing such amazing sweets for weddings! And did I mention, Kathleen holds complimentary cake tastings for Brides-to-be, sign me up!  If you would like more information about Tartelette Bakery, please look to the contact information below:


PHONE : (573) 239-0767


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