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August 19, 2011

Vendor Love : The Taylor House Inn • Missouri Wedding Photographer

Today I’m spotlighting The Taylor House Inn, an amazing bed and breakfast in the heart of Columbia Missouri! Not only is this the perfect location for a little weekend get away, but it might just be the perfect location for your wedding day needs! Owned by Robert Tucker and his wife and built in 1909, the house itself is just gleaming in both new and old sophisticated beauty! Each room offers a different ambiance from claw foot tubs to a modern jacuzzi tub bathroom. Robert and his wife take the utmost care for every guest that arrives to the Taylor House Inn whether you are staying for a single night or an extended month stay!

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a few sessions at the Taylor House Inn each one being more beautiful than the last! The Taylor House Inn is happy to accommodate wedding parties for over night stays and bridal suits to actual wedding day events up to 120 people. Robert was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Taylor House Inn for me and any interested bride or groom below :

Catherine : First let’s start with where you can find the lovely Taylor House Inn?

Robert : The Taylor House Inn is located at 716 West Broadway!

Catherine : How did you get started in the Bed and Breakfast industry and how long have you been catering to weddings?

Robert : Purchased the Taylor House in 1999, two years and 1.6 million dollars later the restoration is ready to host wedding events of all sizes from  10 to 120 people.

Catherine : What is your favorite part about being part of the wedding industry?

Robert : Watching the proverbial weight lifted from the bride and parents once they tour the Inn to make certain it is a good fit for their family and the wedding.  I always suggest touring the facility, when possible, before they commit to the Taylor House.  It is nice for them to figure out that it is a great place for their family.

–continued below–

Catherine : So now that we have covered a few of the necessary questions, let’s here a few more things about you! Do you have little ones?

Robert : Two little weasels as I affectingly call them, Jennie is seven and Reid is three.

Catherine : Just give us one random fact about yourself, anything you want!

Robert : I live vicariously through my kids, where else can you go places, play games, watch movies, eat extra treats all in the name of “The kids wanted to do it”

Catherine : And lastly, one piece of advice for the bride-to-be…

Robert : As long as they are married at the end of the day, all is good, no matter how your plan was changed in midstream.


Big thanks to Robert for the Q&A above! If you have any more questions for Robert about the Taylor House Inn or scheduling a tour, feel free to contact by:

Phone : (573) 356-2685

Website :


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